Sunday, 29 September 2013

[battle report] Hordes - Skorne vs Everblight

The Battle for Tyrrnon


Skorne 15 pts

Titan Gladiator
2 Cyclops Savages
1 unit of 4 Paingiver Beast Handlers
Orin Midwinter

Legion of Everblight

4 Shredders
The Forsaken

The Battle

The Gladiator and one of the Savages were ready to march down the main street, with the Beast Handlers to their rear, ready to support them. Morghul was also with this main block, hoping to smash a way through to Lylyth. Orin and the other savage we going to flank via the smaller street and perhaps the inn, in order to give Orin the position and safety to lock down the opposing magic.

Lylyth and the Carnivean and two of the Shredders marched down the main street, with two more Shredders and the Forsaken flanking, the aim for those 3 to come through the basement of the elevated building.

The Skorne charged forth, taking position about the central stables, with Orin and the Savage down the smaller street and the Gladiator and other Savage supporting each other. Morghul hid behind the building.

The Carnivean roared and launched forward, issuing a gout of flame that scorched the Cyclops Savage and immolated two of the Paingivers.

Lylyth and the Shredders all just moved forward, with Lylyth taking up position behind some barrels and the Forsaken leaching Fury from the Carnivean.

The Beast Handlers moved up, and healed the Savage from the fiery attack, and whipped the Gladiator into a enraged fury. Morghul cast his Mortifuge spell on the Gladiator, further increasing it's power, then sapped fury from the just healed Cyclops, maiming it in the process, and then took aim at the Carnivean, his spell not only hurting the beast, but hampering any attempt at it being forced or healed - a good thing considering the future beating it would get. The Savage also gave the beast the gift of Future Sight and then stormed forward, and so did the Gladiator, with the two beast pounding the dragon spawn. Orin stayed in cover and created his anti magic zone.

Lylyth had to reassess her position. She was too close to Orin to cast her spells, but if she moved too far back she would loose command of her beasts. She started to leach the fury, but at the cost of a number of her beasts frenzying. One Shredder raged and attacked its fellow and began to savage it. The Carnivean, crippled and unable to be forced, or heal, lashed out as best as it could. Another Shredder launched forward to support it, tearing at the Cyclops. The Shredder that had just been attacked in the behind by its frenzied ally, stalked about the corner of the narrow street and pounced on Orin, tearing him apart.

The Forsaken again leached fury... it was powering up.

The Cyclops turned on the Shredder that stood with the Carnivean and cleaved it in two, before dishing out more damage to the Carnivean and again aided the Gladiator with Future Sight. The Beast Handlers again eased the pain on the Gladiator and supported the beasts. Again Morghul enhanced the beast's strength and kept back some of the fury for if anything could go wrong.

The Gladiator pummelled the Carnivean into the dirt, ending it and opening up the chance to threaten Lylyth. And the final Gladiator killed the Shredder that had just eaten Orin.

Lylyth had reaved fury and was unable to get command of her beasts which promptly frenzied, with one Shredder running and tearing at the Gladiator - which was barely alive. The Forsaken now took the chance to unleashed it's stored fury. It ran forward to the Gladiator and the blight Shroud emanated from it, destroying the Cyclops and Gladiator, both of which were running hot on fury, and also took the last two Pain Givers. Morghul was all on his own as Lylyth had moved up ready to end things.

Morghul leached the fury left to him and flexed his bladed hands and sprinted forward. He tore apart the Shedder before him and Lylyth, but he was unable to make it to her after that kill. He circled the Forsaken instead, and tore that monstrosity apart and with what fury he had left to channel, and moved to trap Lylyth. With no fury left to channel he had to hope she would either foolishly stay in combat and face him, or take the risk of moving out of combat with him to shoot him - and in turn let him attack her first with free strikes. He was now out in the open and Lylyth was ready to recharge  fury.

Lylyth took the risk, she turned to run back and take aim with her bow, but Morghul pounced and his two strikes with Ripper struck and tore her apart. He had won.... barely!

 - Post game analysis

The Forsaken while cool should  have got further up the field sooner.
Orin got greedy, and should have hid better to keep up his spell control.
On averages if Morghul has messed up the free strikes, Lylyth would have killed him - it was that close.

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