Sunday, 20 October 2013

[actual play] Iron Kingdoms - Adamantine Will

Episode 3: Friends in High Places - part 4

The necromancer had fled the scene, and killed as he went. Taking souls for his dark intent. The troupe however could not follow in the chaos. Plus they had a lot to explain to High Captain Kilbride who had just arrived to survey the destruction.

Kilbride seem satisfied that the troupe had cleared their names, and wanted no more of them as they now had the ire of a necromancer to deal with. One of the remaining Paulson Street Rovers found the whole affair reminiscent of the events that had lead to the gang's formation years ago, and how the pistol that was planted on the troupe, the Final Word, had been given to the gang leader at the time to kill a Thamarite sorcerer.

Smek reappeared, and whistled as he looked at the fire. He explained that he had heard Kilbride's words and that now would be a good time for Smith Burrls, Tantock, to be finished off. If they didn't act now things would only get worse. Smek of course knew where Tantock kept his lair.

Smek led the troupe of witch hunters - not that he knew that they were - to Dag's Ward, a filth and refuse filled district, and the dilapidated tenement building that served as Tantock's lair. Smek explained he had figured out where this place was, and noted that Tantock had a cult of some sort. He then explained that there were two ways in - either through the ground floor, or via the sewers. Smek then dangled a key which he said would unlock the door in the sewers, and this was the way in used by the cult. While the troupe discussed what they should do, they turned to ask the Smek show them the way in, but Smek was gone, and had left dangling off a hook the key, and left a cigar butt on the crate he had sat on.

The troupe found the entrance to the sewers, and traipsed through the muck, offal and filth. The stench was foul, and rats scurried about in the gloom. The witch hunters eventually found the underground entrance to the building, and from there they quietly clambered up into the basement of the building.

Tantock droned on, reciting some foul chant and magic. The green glow from the Telgesh runes above his head illuminated the chamber, along with the guttering light from the candles on the altar. A number of his cultists were there with him, waiting, along with two large imposing figures dress in dark armour, carry cruel maces and spiked shields.

Hurst acted quickly, tossing a cinder bomb grenade forward and incinerating two cultists, their dark cloaks consuming them in fire. Gregore charged forward and unleashed a series of hammering blows with his sword, barely harming one of the armour clad followers of Tantock. Brother Eckert had already called upon Morrow's blessing, and the holy runes danced about him, protect both himself and the others. He move forward through the rubble and sent a blast of holy light at another of the cultists. Darcy levelled her rifle. With the cinder bomb and rune light, she could make out a cultist, and with a deafening bang she executed the man.

Gregore continued to engage the armoured cultists, barely surviving as he dodged their murderous weapons. He sword was doing little against them. The cultist themselves had also worked their own magic, and summoned clouds of ash which they could hide behind. Hurst hurled more grenades, the bombs exploding and consuming the cultists in fire. Eckert could barely see the Tantock in the chaos and so eliminated and so called upon another of Morrow's weapons, a holy blast of energy that consumed another of them and also hit Tantock. Darcy reloaded and fired, killing one the of the guardsmen Gregore fought, much to the knight's relief.

The fight was still hard going. Darcy and Ekert unleashed a volley of gun fire and holy fury at Tantock, and in return witness the might of the vile shield of souls that repelled their attacks. Eckert had been struck in the face by the guardsmen's mace, and through the dizziness and blood that blinded him. His own blade met nothing but armour and shield. Hurst threw another grenade and it landed at Tantock's feet, and enveloped him in flame.

Bursting from the flames Tantock charged at Hurst. He had drawn a dark rapier, which glowed  unnaturally, and in one swift move he had driven it through Hurst's chest. Behind his gas mask Hurst just grinned,even as blood trickled from his lips. There was the sharp ping of a pin hitting the floor as Hurst just dropped a concussion grenade. In a blinding flash both he and Tantock were knocked to the ground. Eckert seeing his chance ran forward and drove his trench knife through the chest of the sorcerer. The remaining guard seeing this, stepped back from Gregore and then slit his own throat. Eckert scooped up what items they could take to confiscate, while the books at the altar were burnt.

Outside, the troupe waited as Hurst's grenades, that had been left within the building, exploded, collapsing the building. Smek walked up and clapped in approval, and offered to buy them a pint back at the inn.

At the inn the troupe relaxed with well earned drinks, Gregore waiting for a well earned bath, and Darcy enjoying a good wine Smek had acquired. Stomping in came High Captain Kilbride, and sat down with them, smoking his cigar. Kilbride explained that he was happy that they had dealt with the Thamarite, especially without his prompting. Now what did they want in return?

'Have you heard of a man called Rustiban Vandred?' asked Eckert.

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