Monday, 7 October 2013

Making Scenery - Rivers, swamps, rough terrain

So right now for both IKRPG, and for Warmachine/Hordes I've been making some scenery.

Using some;

Foam core board
Cork table coasters
Textured paint
Wooden Coffee stirrers

I've been able to make some cheap and fun rivers, swamps and rough terrain.

Cork is great, because as you break it up, and then stack it, it makes for great locking rock piles, and how sedimentary rocks would weather.

The foam core of course is great for carving and making slopes.

And all of this can be textured with textured paint (white paint with sand mixed in - or bought).

Big swamp and little swamp.

Rough terrain - just haphazard stacks of cork glued to cork coasters.

With the rivers you can see that the foam core base has been built up with more foam core to form the edges of the rivers. The width of the rivers is such that the arches in the Terraclips sets can span it.

Once the scenery was textured and dry they were painted black.

Bridge made from coffee stirrers. Starbucks is your friend for these bad boys.

Just big enough for a large warbeast to walk over.

3 A4 sheets of foam core made 3 feet of river sections. Perfect for most games.

So once everything was glued and base coated black, a brown was dry brushed on, and then on the banks of the water features a coat of a bone colour was dry brushed. The water was given a dry brush of brown, then two shades of green, and for the rivers, a final more turquoise shade (how often are rivers as blue as the sea eh?).

To finish up I will use a gloss varnish on the water, use bristles from a brush to make reeds along the banks of the water features, and then flock the banks.

Not bad for about 20 euros worth of kit.

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