Saturday, 19 October 2013

Darker Days Radio Video Review - Mummy: the Curse

So Mummy: the Curse finally arrived at work yesterday, and so I present here, and in the video a brief review.

The book is an excellent print, and is everything you expect from a traditional print run by White Wolf/Onyx Path Publishing. Compared to previous World of Darkness books, it has a glossy cover with embossed text, rather than the glossy text on semi reflective coloured covers. So in that respect the book is more akin to the printing of Classic World of Darkness books.

Of course all the stretch goals have meant that we have a book with high production standards, and this includes a silk bookmark and gilt edging to the pages. You can't even tell that these books had to have their covers removed and replaced.

So my only real critique is that the cover is not quite in the same style as previous New World of Darkness books. But others wise this is a great book and ready for me to use and flick through.

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