Wednesday, 11 November 2015

[actual play] Kingdom Death - Lantern Year 9 - The King's Man Cometh

Achillis, bearing his twilight sword, Alcestis, Abas, and Anius, headed out to hunt, only to come face to face with one of the sinister armoured figures that had some years back slain all their newborns. This time there would be no hiding or running away.

The King's Man awaited among the columns and the party sped forward, encircling the figure. They all darted in, striking to find some sort of weak point, but the warrior was able to deflect their attacks. Anius was beginning to get a sense of how the King's Man fought, but this newly acquired insight was short lived, as he was brutally slain, his chest being cut in half by the halberd of the King's Man.

The warrior continued, striking quickly, with Abas and then Alcestis learning the King's Step. But it would not be enough. The monstrous figure erupted acid which maimed Abas, as Achillis cowered behind his shield. The group would strike, run, and strike again, looking for a gap, until Abas was brutally injured, bleeding to death from his injuries.

With only Achillis and Alcestis left, the fight continued. They were able to wear down the warrior, with Alcestis often setting up openings for Achillis. But the Achillis, in an attempt to learn how to fight the armoured figure, had his left foot hacked off. He then gave his life as Alcestis was able to strike with her paired lion katars.

As the King's Man fell dead, Alcestis was gripped with pain. She convulsed, her ribcage exploding outwards, shredding skin and pulling her organs free, before reforming and twisting into plated metal. He breath was now cold and hollow. And she looked down in horror as she realized the nature of what she was becoming. She took up the King's Man's steel sword, and returned to the settlement. She hid her disfigurement, and led her tribe to recover their fallen friends. They collected their armour and weapons, and feasted on their bones.

Looking to hunt and train those who had yet to hunt, to ready themselves for the next King's Man, Aeson was tasked with acting as a white lion, as Asterion stalked him. Their play was to teach the ways of the hunt. But in a freak accident, Asterion fell on Aeson's clawed glove, and died. It was another person to feast upon. What skin and hide was recovered was used to create more armour. And in this darkest of times, the tribe was learning the joy of each others company. Romance was blossoming.

As Alcestis lurked in her hovel, marvelling at her new metal armour, Aiakos readied a new hunt. A lion would be their prey.

The King's Man is a enemy of no comparison. You need speed and planning to grind through the Battle Pressure hit locations, which are auto fails unless you have the King's Step - which is not learnt without risk. Basically this fight will cull your tribe.

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