Friday, 13 November 2015

[actual play] Kingdom Death - Lantern Year 10 - The Stranger

The King's Man had slaughtered many of the best of the tribe, and with Alcestis in her hovel, preoccupied by the events of the battle she had survived, Aiakos, one of the last remaining tribe founders, led Atlanta, Antigone and Aella out to hunt a large lion. If they were to survive they needed a big kill.

Out in the wilderness they came upon a bubbling black cauldron, where Aiakos and Atlanta fed. He found that his skill in the sword was somehow improved, but that he was also now more keen than ever to find the lion. Atlanta herself was now more hungry than ever.

Further on the found signs of their quarry, recovering claws of their prey. Their pursuit of course had got the attention of the lion. It had their scent.

Onwards they travelled, and at a strange statue Atlanta stood and gazed. In a bust of light she was gone, nothing more than shredded flesh and broken bones. In her place a man stood, Aeneas. He met the others, bearing her armour and weapons, and explained that he was a skilled warrior with whips and the Atlanta was no more. It was confusing, but Aiakos was in no place to complain, given that their tribe was mainly women, this replacement would make things easier.

As they rested, in the dark they heard the lions in heat roaring for their mates, and it was maddening to hear. But onwards they travelled, and soon they found the lion.

Surrounding the beast, Aella took the brunt of the attack with her shield, as Aeneas struck a crippling blow to the beast (I also forgot about this persistent injury... sigh). The battle continued with, with Aiakos displaying his expertise with the scrap sword.

Even as the lion dragged Aiakos away, the others were able to take advantage of their fighting prowess and weapons and armour. The lion was severely injured, but in turn it powerfully swiped at Aella, sending her and Aeneas sprawling across the ground. But Aella was able to return fire with her bow, as Aiakos continued to attack the beast from the rear (perfect hits letting him attack for a grand strength of 8, and so wounding on 2+!). 

The beast was heavily injured an bleeding, and with the help of Aiakos, the final wounds were dealt to the beast, as Aella and Aeneas and Antigone were able to preempt the beasts counter attack.

Returning to the settlement, a strange maw opened in the ground, but the settlement choose to ignore it. Instead the focus was on new weapons and armour, and innovations, all in preparation for the next hunt. The tribe also was blessed with the birth of twins. A hunting party was gathered again, and more of the lantern horde dimmed. An even larger Antelope would be their quarry, for more was needed to prepare the tribe for the return of opponents like the King's Man.

So this hunt went really easy. Shields, full sets of armour, and various weapons are playing crucial roles. Also damn I forgot a lot working in my favour, like the chance of keeping survival points for those wearing the raw hide armour set, or the fact I crippled the lion and on a roll of a 1 or 2 each turn it would brain fart. Hopefully the combination of armour and weapons and gear will help deal with a level 2 antelope. The King's Man was obscenely hard, so hopefully the Antelope will be easier now.

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