Wednesday, 4 November 2015

[actual play] Kingdom Death - Lantern Year 7 - The Ghost in the Dark

Aeolus, along with the brutish Atlanta, the strategist Abas, and the newest hunter, Areto (I messed up my minis and forgot the survivor was female, hence why there are 3 male models on the board), set out to hunt once more. Their quarry a large lion specimen, in order to create a great deal of armour and weapons in order to hunt the new monster that lurk in the dark. 

Abas wears a new full set of hide armour, and a massive axe. Areto essentially is present to drive the hunting party into a frenzy.

Before the survivors was the sea of golden grass where the lions often lurked. They set out around it, hoping to find the lion, but instead they came upon a field of living flesh. The warm air carried their sent, and the hunters worried they were the hunted. They came upon a dead tribesman, and clutched in his hands a book. The hunters were able to discern some meaning from it, and it sent Areto in a deep depression.

Again, in the golden grasses a lion cub was found, and promptly slaughtered, but doing so did not draw one of its parents.

On they marched, and came upon a settlement that stank of decay and filth. Flies were buzzing, and the hunters left promptly. It was out on the open plains that Aeolus was struck by lightning, burning his hands.

A large lion stood ahead, and the hunters took cover in the grasses. Fortunately the lion did not take notice of them, and instead sniffed the air. It was the opening the hunters needed.

Abas charged in, slamming his great axe into the side of the lion, fuelled by the inner fire fighting art of Aeolus, and his own ability to deal brutal attacks.

The others took cover, waiting to see how the lion would react, as Aeolus also attacked the lion head on, before darting around to the rear of the lion as it struck out at him, only to attack once again.

Areto approach the lion and was in position to attack, only for it to turn upon him, and glare. The fear consumed Areto who dropped to the ground sobbing. Abas had fled back to the grasses already, having attacked, while Aeolus attacked, rending the mouth of the lion off.

Abas had charged back into the combat, only for the lion to leap forward, blood spraying from the missing lower jaw. It slashed wildly at Abas, who fortunately was protected by his armour. (complete hide armour means 2 armour at all locations.... which really stopped that 6 damage from making a mess of him).

Areto circled the beast, and struck with the katars made of antelope teeth. He was lucky to deal so many wounds, craving the flesh from the beast, and slicing its human like hand off. Areto had really pissed it off, and so drew the lion away from the others, chased by the lion. It grabbed him by the head and dragged him away.

As the other ran to Areto's aid, Areto stood up ready to face the beast, as Abas dropped to the floor screaming as the beast looked deep into his soul. Areto again struck with all his might, but the lion responded, tearing him apart in a flurry of scything attacks. Areto was bleeding heavily, and died.

Atlanta charged forward with her spear, cutting off the lion's human like paw. It was now severely crippled, and no longer could run off with any of the survivors.

Given the array of injuries inflicted to the lion, the remaining survivors encircled the lion and slew it. The combined abilities and weapons of the hunters were though not enough to help one of their own. Both the lion and the body of Areto were carved up and taken back to the settlement.

Returning to the camp, the land rumbled and steam erupted from the cracks. The survivors found their footing, and from the ground a founding stone was recovered.

With the tribe having learnt the art of sculpture, and completed the lion armour. Further more, the return of the Twilight Knight brought a new gift - or curse - the Twilight Sword. Aeolus was deemed the one to wield it. And he would need to learn as much as possible using the sword, for the Knight would visit again and test him.

So the next hunt will be the Phoenix. I have a lot to try out. A lot of resources left over, and spear weapons. You'll note that a number of them carry multiple weapons in an effort to get the most advantages on the gear grid. The combination of fighters and ways to stack the AI and wound deck really should mean I have a chance vs the Phoenix. Also that founding stone should allow me a great way to get a early injury in on it. Guess it means I make the Phoenix this weekend. It's sad I lost another survivor, but also I got another one. So not all bad. The bad thing is Aeolus is going to have to sacrifice all his advances with the sword to start his journey as a twilight knight.

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