Thursday, 29 October 2015

[actual play] Kingdom Death - Lantern Year 2

Aelous, Aiakos, Ariadne and Alcetis were off on the hunt. This was the first hunt since Ariadne had established the settlement. It was not long until the hunter found signs of a lion. They searched about and with it came a greater understanding of the beast they sought, and also a lion claw. Later they came upon shimmering seas of golden grass, the hunting grounds of the lions. They were nearing their quarry, the smell of musk strong in the wind. But the wind changed direction. The lion was not where they were expecting. It was an ambush.

The survivors quickly darted behind the pillars that loomed like giants in the ocean of grass. The white lion sniffed the air, and stalked forward cautiously. 

Having taken advantage of the cover provided by the pillars, Alcestis flung the founding stone at the lion, guided by Aeolus who timed the attack. The stone struck true and deep, cutting the tendons of the lion. It roared in pain and toppled over. 

Aiakos and Ariadne, armed with their scrap sword and axe, tore into the beast, slicing away at hide and muscle.

Ariadne sliced the beast's brow, causing a deep cut that blinded it. The lion stood back up, and swiped at Ariadne, but she was hidden in the grasses and the beast missed.

The beast slumped down, apparently injured, but Alcestis, armed with her spear, struck at the beast, and it stirred. It attempted to bite Aeolus, but again missed.

The luck was with the hunters, slicing a great clump of the mane from the beast.

And another hit from Alcestis knocked the beast down. But it was a trick, and as Aeolus attacked, the beast swiped at him, and caught him on the arms and flattened him into the dirt.

The lion then turned on Alcestis and glared at her, drawing up to its full size. She drop down to her knees hoping it would not attack her.

Aeolus attacked and his sword failed to wound it, causing the lion to charge off, scooping up Alcestis in its jaws.

Ariadne ran to save her friend, and cutting deep into the beast. Her sword struck true and pierced the monster's heart and it died.

The party returned to the settlement with a great bounty, and were visited by a strange woman, with a perfect smile. She was a dentist, but none of the settlement had need for her services.

In time the settlement learnt the art of painting, craft new armour from the lion fur, and a katar from the claws. With the growth of the settlement, with 3 new births that had strengthened the will of many of the settlement, one of their number was exiled for giving into the darkness, the true though was only one amongst them believed this and had told the exile.

A new hunting party gathered, as another lantern flickered dead. Alcestis, embolden by her secret, followed Aiakos, along with Atlanta, and one of the children, Abas, into the darkness, seeking the shrieks of the  antelope.

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