Monday, 5 October 2015

Guild Ball - Post Starter Match Thoughts.

Cool game of Guild Ball with a work colleague and his Butchers team vs my Alchemists. Learning a lot more about the Alchemists, and wow can they dish out a lot of status effects that can grind away models (both in terms of damage, reducing movement, getting past armour, and sucking up momentum). Ultimately lost but a good learning game. Finding out that a) Ox when locked down by abilities is pretty much stuck out of the game and b) Double teaming those attacks to prevent those 2 inch dodges, and c) Midas getting in quick and duplicating Dirty Knives is awesome and d) gotta split those Butchers up so that OX can't help them out with his aura. Most interesting was stacking movement debuffs from two different plays (that were different names and so can stack) that led to Ox being locked down unable to move.

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