Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Kingdom Death - Unboxing

I thought hard about how I would do the "unboxing", now that the eagerly awaited Kingdom Death has arrived. Rather than record the long hour or more of taking cards out of wrapping and putting it all in the box ready to use, I thought it better to get all that done, and focus the "unboxing" video on the contents "ready to play".

Also the format of the video will be more a case of an example layout, close ups on cards, and it all accompanied by myself and James discussing the components and the game.

But, while we wait for that, here are some actual unboxing photos I took. Enjoy.

It's a big box!

The detail on the Phoenix is amazing. Rackham levels of delicate details.

I only have a few of these base inserts. The plan is to make a cast and use it for more for my own use, and also use it to make fragments for the bases of the monsters.

Lots of armour kits, components and details. The last sprue here is the Prologue sprue, that has everything you need for the first hunt.

Card and counter and trackers. Not shown are the cards used in the game. All have a nice matt finish, and the consistent artistic theme carries over on every piece in the game.

The showdown board for fights is huge. That is the resin Storm Knight I painted some months ago, showing how big the board and grid is.

Pretty dice.

Stat sheets for your survivors and your settlement, plus more cards that detail the things your settlement can establish e.g. blacksmiths.

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