Friday, 30 October 2015

[actual play] Kingdom Death - Lantern Year 3 - Scream if you Want to go Faster

Abas, Aiakos, Alcestis, and Atlanta set out looking for the thing that screamed in the night. Searching for the beast they came upon a mound of vomit, made up of whatever the monster had fed upon. Searching amongst the filth they discovered some bones and teeth, they assumed from the beast, and in doing so they learnt more about the thing they stalked. Alcestis even took to eating the vomit. A strange woman, one who was haunted by having caused the exile of one of her tribe.

Walking on further they discovered the body of a woman, dressed in fine clothes. the body provided the hunters sustenance and took along some of the flesh.

Finally they came upon the beast, a strange antelope with a belly that was a giant maw. It gibbered and snorted as it fed on some sort of plant life. Great pillars surrounded the plants, and provided the covered they needed to approach the beast. They found that it was riddled with worms, the was revolting for the party, causing Atlanta to wretch.

Yeah I messed up. The skull helm should have been lost after the last game.

Abas had led the hunt so that they had plenty of cover.

The beast reared up and stomped about, feeding on the plants, but not attacking. Aiakos took cover in the grass and threw his founding stone, immediately causing a deep wound to the monster.

The antelope turned on him and attacked, but Aiakos dodged the piercing horns. The others drew close, and the Aiakos hit back, causing the antelope to flee. It chewed on more grass, and regained some of it's composure, despite the wound inflicted by Aiakos. Abas attacked it from behind, cutting the beast's ear off, causing the creature to lose its senses. Alcestis pounced forward, emulating the lions they had fought, and slashed deep with her katar at the antelope's throat, but failed to killed it.

Aiakos was charged by the antelope, and it tried to strike Aiakos, but again it failed. Aiakos struck back but in return for his efforts was knocked down trampled.

The antelope bounded about, and between Alcestis and Aiakos it was struck and injured, further crippling the beast. It would attack and bolt off, only to rush in and attack again. Alcestis even had her katar kicked out of her hand. But the efforts of the party had cornered the beast.

Alcestis launched into another attack, only for her katar to strike into the antelope's gullet. It wrenched the weapon from her hand and swallowed it. She now as armed with just the last founding stone.

Aiakos ran to aid Alcestis, and his scrap sword found a weak spot, cutting deep, slicing the monster's tongue and legs. It bounded past them, trampling them to the ground, only for Atlanta to run to help them, calling for them to get up, as she struck with her spear. The antelope reared in pain and lshed out in all directions.

Alcestis, now unarmed save for the last founding stone, went to launch the sharp piece of rock at the creature. But as it turned and gazed at her with it piercing red eyes, Alcestis cried out in horror, the stone whizzing past the beast.

The antelope continued to dash about, trampling and kick, as Aiakos again struck out with his sword, cutting into the knee of the beast. Abas tried to also strike the beast, only for it to rear up, wailing from the maw that made the belly of the creature. Abas and Aiakos fled, falling to the ground, as the creature slid on its belly, colliding with Atlanta and Aiakos.

Yup, somehow I managed to herd the monster away from the rest of the acanthus plants. This is both good, and really bad. Also dazed is a blessing and curse of a wound to deal to the beast.

It too the combined efforts of Alcestis and Atlanta to deal the final injuries to the antelope, with Atlanta striking with her spear, ramming the weapon down the monster's throat.

With the beast dead, the hunters dragged the body back to the settlement. carving up the body, the tribe used the blood for paint, learning pictograms, and creating a stone circle, where they offered up the teeth and bones of the antelope, and made new weapons. The heat wave that swept through the region was of little matter to the tribe who found water the pooled within a cave near the settlement. It the sweltering heat arrived a strange knight. Human, but clearly a expert warrior. He picked out Abas and taught him how to deliver killing blows, before departing with the promise of returning again in time.

With Alcestis consumed by her secrets, and Aiakos needing to rest, Arachne chose to lead the hunt, joined by Aeolus, Abas and Atlanta.

It was not far from the settlement that a strange, brutish figure emerged from the shadows. His body was clad in metal, and his helm was a set of fearsome teeth. He was, for want of a better word, a butcher - a butcher of men and women.

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