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[actual play] Exalted - Forge of Souls #whitewolf #exalted @white_wolf_fan



Episode 1- Part 2 – The Sins of the Past


                Kheralin and Brilliant Light of the Woods (the player retconned the name resplendent trout) where outside the inn in Turg. They could hear the patrons shouting Dorn's name. Inside they found a packed crowd about a table where there were two  men passed out surrounded with empty flagons. They spotted Falling Rain, Aisha and Red Echo. All were appalled by Dorn's behaviour. Together they carried the drunk barbarian out and to another inn where they were to stay. Kheralin explained that in the morning they had a meeting to attend with the mayor of Turg.

               During the rest of the evening the group sat and talk at a bar, while Kheralin remained at the inn to watch over Dorn. It was agreed that the best way to make it to Khacin was under the  guise of travellers going to the tournament.

               It was while walking back to the inn that the group heard shouts from the mercantile quarter. On the way there they could see that the noise was coming from the Guild compound. But Rain spotted  some large hulking figure with long arms leaping away from rooftop to rooftop. Rain chased after, free running up onto the rooftops, and started chasing the creature. But his chase ended quickly, as he stumbled, failed to grab the ledge, and plummeted down into a barrel of rain water run  off. Some nearby children helped him out, and tipped over the barrel.

               Meanwhile, Aisha and Light spoke to the guards of the compound, and were met by the old, bearded, merchant in charge who assured them it was just a thief. Light was unconvinced and so with Echo waited for Rain. Rain returned to them, soaking wet. Aisha had left to run to the inn to get Kheralin.

              Rain and Light sneaked into the compound. They ran from shadow to shadow, but their footprints were spotted. In a flurry of slashes and thrusts, Light and Rain took out the guards. From outside the gate, Echo, who was not one for sneaking about, or running in without backup, noted that the lantern carried by the guards could not be spotted moving between the gaps in the wooden planks of the compound gate. Things had obviously gone wrong.

             Rain and Light found where the animals were kept. They could here the whimpers of people and Light could see people in cages. This was illegal and disgusted him, especially considering his recent loss of family. Light strode forward and launched himself at on of the guards, who were sat playing dice. He drove his spear through the first, while the second fled. Rain released the animals while Light released the slaves. They learnt that a monster, or demon had attacked. And that it had metal  claws and no eyes.

            In the main courtyard of the Guild compound there was chaos as animals an slaves ran about. Light went to find the merchant while Rain went into the buildings looking for things of interest. He found the finance books and a few maps, of which a number of tombs were marked.

            Outside Kheralin, Aisha and Dorn arrived. Echo nodded to the compound, shrugging as if he was not to blame. Kheralin leapt up onto the wall effortlessly, and balanced there with her bow at he ready. Dorn charged forward, smashing the gate of its hinges and causing the merchant and his men to look on in terror.

            The group held the merchant to account for his actions, and they looked at his stock and his books.  In exchange for all he knew and some goods they allowed his misdemeanor to slip. They found out a child had been stolen from the group of slaves, and so the group returned to their inn, now with a cart of swag. Rain suggested that they can now travel to Khacin as traders. Especially since Aisha was a member of the Guild. Rain also suggested they leave as soon as possible. However, Light, still fuming, demanded they save the missing child.

             The group made their way out of the town, and out  into the dark fields, heading towards the hills where the monster had headed towards. Dorn waited for his familiar, a large brown bear called Grunsen, to join them. With wagon hidden and scent marked by the bear, they headed further into the woods.

             For an hour or more they walked over the rough terrain until the bear led them to a cliff face. Along the way they noted large pieces of metal were embedded in the ground and over grown with moss. They walked around to get to the bottom cliff. There the bear acted with caution, and Dorn noted the air was tinged with the smell of death. There was a breeze, and it seemed to come from the entrance of a cave. Going inside the cave mouth they could hear a metallic whirring with the near cyclic sucking and expulsion of air. Using his essence, Rain made his caste mark glow, and it was clear the cave mouth was only recently opened, and inside the cave was in fact a tube like tunnel, ending in a round portal, surrounded in a cog  like bulkhead. Beyond was a stairway leading down.

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