Monday, 9 May 2011

[Exalted] Character Bio : Falling Rain

Falling Rain was a priest of Grey Tiger in Kachin, whose talent and drive brought him success and status. His ambition, and fear of falling behind the more 'enlightened' Dragon-blooded or God--blooded rivals to high office caused him to accept the assistance of a manipulative demon. This worked well for a short while, but when he refused to meet the demon's price, his corruption was exposed to his fellow priests. Before he could be stripped of office and cast out of Kachin, or worse, be put to death, Rain fled to the hinterlands of the country, keeping a low profile, moving from village to village. He is not sure if he is pursued by spirital or temporal authorities, but he is convinced that the demon is still out there, looking for its price.


Months of travel and hiding have take their toll upon Rain's previously neat, monastic appearance, as well as upon what money he was able to take when he fled. He is a little leaner now. His hair is longer and his once fine robes now tattered; almost unrecognisable as robes of office at all. He has ritual tattoos upon his forearms and back. He still carries the paired short swords he trained with in the martial religion - they have seen more practical use of late. His bearing is still proud however.


He is driven and determined, although prone to overlooking the needs of others, in favour of what he believes they need. He is educcated and knowleable and unlikely to hold back his opinion on any matter. He aggressively pursues his agendas and can be driven to violence through this. He is angry about the loss of his former influence and comfortable life, and this is turning to thoughts of revenge. He doesn't realise that he was largely responsible for his own downfall.

He is not afraid of a fight, seeing it as a way of displaying determination and conviction. It is however just one tool. He is willing to take acts that need to be done. He has family and friends remaining in Kachin, as well as a small number of followers who have remained loyal, perhaps from a belief in him, or perhaps simply because his return to power would favour them. His family are distancing themselves from their wayward son, however, and if he returns, his reception amongst them would be cold.

Falling Rain now carries a cold hatred of spirits and demons, as well as priesthoods. He resents that mortals are seen as lower and less important, whilst entities use 'enlightenment' and 'spiritual purity' as covers for brute power, and institutions cower before them in hope of favour. He suspects that there is a better way that can be found.

- David.

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