Sunday, 8 May 2011

[Exalted] Character bio: Echo


Note: My character's appearance is based on Genesis Rhapsodos (above; a main character in Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII), who in turn was based on the likeness of J-Rock musician Camui Gackt. Echo is a homage to both Genesis' personality and that of his friend/rival Sephiroth (including their perceived 'idiosyncrasies' in fandom circles).

This a short bio - I will likely add to it as we get further into the game as I get to know Echo better.

History: Born into the Gens Karal family in Lookshy, Echo's original name was 'Daichi.' When he did not Exalt as a Dragon Blooded, he was considered a failure to the family - but was still expected to train as a soldier in his home city, to somehow make up for his shortcomings. Frustrated with the treatment he received from his own flesh and blood, and the notion that he would never be good enough for them, Daichi fled his duties and travelled to Nexus to become a soldier there, going by the name Aka Hibiki (Red Echo). He has since gained some notoriety as a captain. Most enemies refer to him as Red Echo; those more acquainted with him call him 'Echo.'

Appearance: Echo has red hair, which was previously in dreadlocks - typical of where he was from. As part of his rebellion against his family, he chopped off the length of his hair before running away. It is now styled sleek and short. He is almost 6ft fall with pale olive-coloured skin, and is well built.

Personality: Echo is extremely anti-social and is not very comfortable in situations other than training or fighting. He finds it difficult to understand other people, thanks to his lack of socialising - he becomes easily impatient and often speaks harshly or unjustly. However, he appears to have a sensitive side. He prefers 'quiet time' above all other things, so that he can write - he writes poetry, and can often be seen scribbling in a notebook which he carries with him at all times. He also keeps a journal. He will write when in company, rather than contribute to the conversation. He does not like people to see what he writes.
Echo is fairly OCD about his appearance, and can often be seen fixing his hair, or adjusting his uniform, though it is less about vanity and more about him looking capable at all times. In battle, he is cold and uncompromising, often merciless towards his enemies.
He has what he refers to as a 'mild opium addiction.'

Personal life: Echo has no significant others as yet, he is far more concerned with being a soldier and otherwise keeping to himself. He is aware of the facts of life, but he does not see the merit in fraternising with the opposite sex, aside from procreation. It is likely that he has had sexual relations before, but feels that they are a distraction.

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