Thursday, 5 May 2011

Stop Being Excited about tech crap -Asus Transformer


Megatron wishes he had a touch screen surface!

OK. So I have a Sony Xperia X10. And I know some of you hated it when it came out.... boo hoo little phone. No Android 2.1, or 2.2 just lowly 1.6. Go away loser! Well anyway that is what some blogs basically said but then it got it's up grades and now is on 2.1, has multitouch and guess what? It will get an upgrade to 2.3 (fuck you HTC users).


Still better than any ugly HTC

Now I have had this phone for over a year, and my wife has had her iphone for the same amount of time. I like both really. I prefer mine as I can do a lot on it and the screen is a good size, it has expandable memory, I can write notes on it using Evernote, I can read pdfs on it which is good on the bus, I can tweet using tweet deck, I can watch any type of video on it. All great things. I use it as a main hub while my wife uses hers for the web, tweeting and well for phoning. She has an ipod so we use different things at different times.

It may be a transformer, and may be a sexy bit of kit, but Megan would you stop dripping sweat on it.....

But as much as I like reading on it, I want more, thus I have had the fortune of being able to order the new Asus Transformer. And I am excited. For starters it will make my life with pdfs easier by a mile. I read a lot of pdfs, and well using the phone for that at home is a bit stupid when the laptop is there. But the laptop doesn't feel natural for it, and it gets in the way of doing something creative, like writing on the laptop, or programming if I am at work. So the asus can be that other bit on the side, right next to me when writing, when making notes, so I can look at the files on it. It should come in great for both work and for roleplay. Plus the dock will make it even more useful when on a conference as it saves lugging the big ass laptop about, and makes it more fucntional for note taking and presentation making.


All in all quite excited. Just another 4 weeks to go... sigh.

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