Thursday, 12 May 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - Lantern Year 17 - The Death of a Star

The camp was met once more by a mysterious traveller, of the order of Twilight Knights. He handed them a package, and within, and Aeson drew from it the Twilight Sword.

Agarve, Shining Fool of Darkness, and leader of the tribe, led Aethra, daughter of Aiakos (who was murdered by Agarve), Agron, and Actor, son of Alcetis, out to face the returning threat to the tribe - the Butcher.

The hunters laid their trap, near many fallen pillars and a giant stone face. The plan was for Agarve to take some of the punishment, driven by her own madness of immortality, and for Aethra to form another front with her shield and her fathers legendary sword. Aiakos was to circle about the beastly man, and use his storm of attacks from his Katars to tear the Butcher apart, while Actor was to also launch supporting attacks with his spear.

The fight was bloody, with Actor using the horn helm to inspire the others to further heights of insanity, in order to prepare them for the deathly gaze of the Butcher. They all barely survived the mind breaking attacks of the Butcher, with Actor eventually falling to a series of brutal attacks and the Butcher biting at his face, ripping arteries open and smashing Actor's jaw apart.

It was by then that the Butcher was already seriously injured, and with Agarve drawing the beast's attention, Aiakos leapt through the air, rending the Butcher apart is a flurry of attacks, inspired by the way the White Lion would fight. In a flash the Butcher exploded, sending shattered lanterns about.

Returning to the settlement of Agelasta the returning hunters looked in to the sky and witnessed a blinding light. It was different to that which had previously illuminated the perpetual darkness of the world. Rather than bathing them in warm light, it was the night sky screaming and a single point of light radiating as waves of cloud expanded from it.

Aethra rested at the camp, her broken rib mending. She also gave birth to a fit an healthy son, Anthas Aiakos. He was much like his grand father and grew to be one of the strongest of the tribe, and a master of swords like his family before him.

Praying at their shrine the tribe prepared for the next hunt, blessing their armour.

Agron however was elsewhere. He saw a streak of light strike down in the distance. He travelled to what was a steaming crater, and saw a gigantic wing creature dead in the smouldering blast crater. From the chest of the dead beast a naked man emerged, and leaves as Agron hides. Seeing his chance, Agron slides down the side of the crater and pulls from the beast carcass a shimmering membrane, that he dons as a cloak. He looks down and sees how his hands now soaked with ichor, cause everything he touches to melt. Agron looks back up to the sky in the direction of the strange lights he had seen, and is able to see the stars for the first time, and understands that the dragon is a dead star.

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