Sunday, 15 May 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - Lantern Year 18 - The Shield of Agelasta

Agron, imbued with a sense of destiny having seen a god fall to earth, led Anthas, one the strongest of the tribe, and youngest, Alclmen, and the green saviour, Odysseus, on a hunt for a lion. Together they had prayed at the tribe shrine and were ready to face the dark.

Out in the plains they came upon a sculpture made by the Lions. It was covered in trinkets, grass and human fingers. They all looked upon it and marvelled and began to understand better what they hunted. Travelling onwards they came upon a valley of jagged stone, and just barely got through without a cut or scrape.

Before them was a vale of golden grass. They were cautious, for in the grass a lion could lurk.They tried to wade through, but lost their way. As they left the grassy plains they witnessed a light on the horizon. There was screeching and wail, before a sudden explosion of colour. But the hunters should no fear and continued on.

It was as they travelled, Anthas suggested a word game, to pass the time, but the noise of their game attracted the beast they hunted. They were ambushed.

Helps that he's lucky!

Through careful positioning and well timed attacks, and Alclemen using the Cat Eye Circlet to foresee any potential trap the beast could be planning, the Lion was methodically attacked and killed by Odysseus and Agron.

Returning to the camp, the hunters witness a deluge of acid rain. And so as the others ran for cover, Agron danced in the burning rain. He would not be travelling on the hunt next as he was later found with burns across his skin.

As the camp gathered and prepared for the next hunt, they could see a familiar figure illuminated in the distance. The King's Man had returned, and this time Alcestis would ensure the camp would have their revenge.

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