Wednesday, 25 May 2016

[actual play] Kingdom Death: Monster - Lantern Year 19 - 20 - The Death of a Saviour

Aeson, Agarve, Alclemen and Aethra left the camp, knowing the that the King's Man lurked in the dark. But off to hunt they went. They followed the migration of the antelope, and came upon a fresh kill, with Aeson hacking away an organ from the corpse. Further did they travel, but as they stalked the antelope a large white lion attacked.

Blessed such that they were the hunters fought, and with skill made quick work of the lion, with Aeson gaining some mastery over the Twilight Sword he now bore.

With the lion dead, the hunters returned to camp as the skies opened and drenched the lands with acid rain. Some stone sizzled and bubbled, forming a metallic ore of some use. And the camp put their kill to good use, fashioning for the blue saviour Alcmene Alcestis, a lantern glaive.

Alcestis and her daughter Alcmene, Alcleme, and Asterion set out to face the King's Man that now stalked the camp. The fight began with some hope, a little hope, with Alcestis darting in and creating openings for the others to attack. Asterion, showing mastery of swords, attacked and hacked the King's Man with a steel sword taken from the first the camp had faced. Open wounds on the beast erupted with acid blood, and the monster's halberd ripped open the guts of Asterion and Alcleme, leaving just Alcestis and her saviour daughter to fight on. But it was no good.

Those survivors in the camp set out to find their missing brethren, and discovered their bodies and gathered their weapons. What remains were put to good use. The camp let out a cry, and a babble of different languages came from all present. Anthas Aiakos was overcome with the new language and his gibberings were unnerving to the others.

With the remains of their fallen brethren, and the resources already in the camp, they fashioned a beacon shield, something that should help defend against the worst monsters they would have to face.

The Twilight Knight returned and challenged Aeson, with Aeson proving his skill and learning more about the art of the Twilight sword. The knight promised to return. Aeson was getting old though, and he had much to learn in little time. The return of the knight was timely, as the people of the camp watched as the lantern horde began to dim. They were able to find a cavern below it, and there, waiting, was a cloaked being, somehow feeding from the lanterns. And it gave off a palpable aura of death. The camp discussed their plans, and the only option was to fashion a great weapon to slay the creature when it awoke.

So that was a hell of a TPK. And a waste of the blue saviour. I had hoped the bonus reach on weapon they got with the spear, and the King's Step on Alcestis, and the katar user, would be able to get through the hit locations and armour. But the dice just turned on me bad. 

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