Thursday, 26 May 2016

[UKGE 2016] Inside the Box Board Games

One of the companies I'm quite excited to see at the UK Game Expo is Inside The Box Board Games, and their most recently released game, 'Molecule', stood out to me as something different, and their design blog on their website got me interested in their next project too.

Molecule is a game of rival chemists racing to be the first to manufacture their target molecule. One of the first things that jumped out at me was the tiles as they look really chunky, and I'm a sucker for the tactile nature of placing tiles and considering connections. [The game also looks great as a teaching tool - Chris]

Having looked on the Kickstarter page it looks like people have been receiving their copies from March onwards, so hopefully we'll start to hear a little of how it plays soon, ideally we might even be able to get a hands-on look in a couple of weeks at the Expo.

Inside the Box also has a mailing list for their next Kickstarter project, 'Statecraft', something I wouldn't be surprised to see pop up in some form at the UK Game Expo. From what information I've found on their site it looks like you'll be playing as political candidates trying to increase your chances of election by making promises and decision that raise and lower your popularity with different groups.

Interestingly the cards have two sets of values on their faces and from the way they're laid out it appears that you can chose to take a stance one way or another on the issues relevant on the card to different effects.

As someone who plays a lot of boardgames on my lunch break I was drawn to the fact that both games seems like they’d be great for those of us with busy schedules as they are able to support small and large group sizes (2-6 for Molecule and 2-8 for Statecraft) and designed to be played through in comfortably under an hour.



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