Wednesday, 30 June 2010

IC vignettes - Dimitri

Hi guys, as you know Dimitri is a photographer. He's also a celebrity blogger and paparazzo. Here are some snippets of his daily unlife outside of game time. These should help illustrate what I talked about in his bio.??

The first one's a sample public blog post from Dimitri. I hope it makes some kind of sense, lol.

Hey cherubs...

I stumbled across one of the media's longtime darlings at the Circle Club yesterday evening - surprise surprise, she was in the bathroom shooting up some heroin. Photos to come, once I find my darn memory card...

xx, D


littleangel21 says:
ooh, some more clues please, D!

sweetness says:
Short post there, D! That's not like you!

hardyboy2 says:
i was around last night, i think i saw u... Dimitri Zsarky, right? u were in my photog group at uni.

D says:
No, that's not me.??

hardyboy2 says:
could've sworn it was u... i know amy, i remember she used to call u Dee-Mee.

D says:
No. You're thinking of someone else. Sorry, dude.??

hardyboy2 says:
ok, no worries.??


This one's more straightforward...

There was a girl on my bed just earlier. It's not as though I don't care to ask anyone's name; I'm pretty sure she didn't tell me hers. Note to self: stop picking up chicks from Bluu Bar.??
She was asking questions about the aluminium foil we have up on the bedroom windows, just in case.??

It was eight PM and I wanted to go out. I'd spent an hour or so getting changed, hoping that she'd wake up of her own accord, and even perhaps crawl in shame out the front door. No such luck. So I crept on over to the bed, and tapped her lightly on the shoulder. The girl was naked under the sheets, bloodstains on the pillowcase, and I inwardly cursed myself because it was brand new. Gosh, Karl is going to have fun at the drycleaner's this week. Still... one of the quietest nights I've had in a while.
The girl didn't stir, so I shook her, and she roused a little. Very bleary. She'd been sleeping all day. I mean, I'd been sleeping all day in the bathroom. But I didn't look that wrecked.??

"Hello," I said, my voice just above a whisper, and trying to mask the supreme distaste I was feeling. "Hello, honey?" Vapid terms of endearment are always great when names haven't been exchanged.

I'm not very good with this part. Luckily, it was then that I heard the front door click open and shut, and Karl's footsteps in the hallway. I ducked out. "Karl, can you take care of this?" I pointed directly at the bed, to where the girl still hadn't awoken.??
He answered with a swift nod, entering the bedroom. Karl, I love you.

Heading out 'on the town,' now, as the girls say around here. Be still my heart. Oh wait. It is.


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