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Vampire:??the Requiem

Manchester: the Endless Waltz

Episode 2: Drink Deep ??? Part 4

Following the events at Mary Peterson's flat, and moving her to the safety of her own haven, Verity then made her way to the museum where she could then meet up with the others. Once gathered together Thessaly, Kane, Dimitri and Verity exchanged notes and then formulated a plan along with some more research. It soon became apparent that this was not the start of something, but the end. There was a case of a death just like Brian's. This was a Julia McCorwin. But more interesting was the fact she along with Fitzpatrick, had established the gallery. Worse still was that from Thessaly's and Verity's research that the ritual elements of the deaths suggested the cult was more than likely following rituals aimed at obtaining immortality.
Working on this information they all headed to the FItzpatrick gallery in Castlefield. It was cold and overcast, but not raining. The gallery was part of a number of posh shops that lined the bottom of a block of buildings that would have once been a Victorian warehouse. It was past 9 pm and the large arched windows of the shop were dark save for the lights that illuminated the paintings in the windows. They scoped the place out and soon it was apparent that there was no easy way in. So instead Kane thought he would find a way in up top. He grew his claws, sharp talons, more like the claws of a vulture. With these black raptor claws Kane scaled the building, all the way to the top of the third storey and then with the sharp fingers he was able to break into the building via the skylight. No alarms sounded and he was able to drop into the room below. It was a dusty unused studio, with brushes and paint on the tables. Kane silently creeped down stairs and went past some more studio rooms, though these were obviously being used. There was still no sign of anyone here. He then crept down the next flight of steps and found himself in a gallery of sculptures and paintings. Something felt wrong. Kane could feel the hairs on his neck stand up. He looked over his shoulder and was sure he saw movement. He looked at the sculpture of three women entwined reaching upwards. Then one of them turned to look at him and snapped. Their hands reached for Kane as he stumbled back in fear. The three bronze women reached forward and began to drag their fused sculpted forms forward across the floor. Kane turned to look a the locked door leading downstairs. With his claws Kane tore the door apart and fled, rolling down the steps.
Gathering his senses Kane noticed that the alarms were not on and so headed over to the fire door and let the others in. They all quietly scouted the area and noted where the door to the basement was. It was then that in the office that Verity spotted a pen had fallen off the table. Picking it up she saw that on a note pad was written 'Pennies for the Ferryman'. Then Kane found himself before one of the plastered walls. His claws covered in the powdered material. On the wall he had scratched the same sentance. He had been possessed again.
Entering the basement Verity and Thessaly led the way while Kane and Dimitri followed. They found in the basement a collection of paintings covered up, crates, and at one wall a bench with boxes of Greek pottery. There was also the sound of chanting from futher down a corridor that extended under the other shops. They could see candle light and shadows.
Filled with anger Verity marched forward to discover a shocking scene. Before a large, gold framed, painting of Bacchus a man in purple robes inoked the power of his god in Greek chants. In a circle were 4 others, also in purple robes. In the centre of their circle was Mary, bound, gagged, whimpering and cut so that her blood had spattered on the floor. The leader of the cabal, Fitzpatrick, turned to face Verity and drew the strange cruel dagger that Thessaly had seen in her vision. They lunged forward, the cabal with daggers drawn, screaming in rage. Dimitri was minorly slashed before pinning his assailant to the ground before he sunk his fangs in. Thessaly, her own dagger drawn, raced forward to the painting, dodging swipes of blades but Fitzpatrick was able to dig his dagger in deep in her gut. But Verity grabbed him and struggled with him and broke his wrist, sending the dagger out of his limp hand and then sunk her fangs into his neck. Kane faced the other three, two of whom had decided to flee, and the third found himself being slashed open by Kane's claws. Kane was now into a blood lust and chased the others, as Dimitri also indulged the beast.
Facing the painting Thessaly saw the spirit of Brian Mathews appear and try to stop her. But even before this horror she tore at the painting with her blade. Blood and paint flowed and the ghost was gone. SHe then turned to FItzpatrick and returned the favor and stabbed him in the back. Thessaly had had enough of these filthy mortals. Verity looked into Fitzpatricks eyes and drained him to the point of death but left him to die of his injuries.
But it wasn't over Thessaly spotted Fitzpatricks dagger on the ground. Blood had pooled around it and was now being absorbed by it. SHe went to pick it up and then found herself turning to face Kain. Dagger in hand she lashed out at him. She had been taken over. Dimitri, coming out of his blood frenzy looked on to see his beast reflected in her yellow avian eyes. Kane also looked on to recognize the Strix that had taken him once before. Thessaly struck out at Kane again and again before she was able to force the spirit out of her body. The blade was then wrapped up. Verity, with Mary, left early to help her escape and to ensure that she didn't understand what she had seen.
Later outside the gallery in a car with Chamberlain Odans the coterie were repaid for their services and their skill had been noted by the Constable. The blade would be retained by the Cult of Hathor while the case would be brushed under the carpet and kept secret from the Board of Representatives or other Covenants. Only Odans, Magus Gregor or Constable Ihram would know. They looked on as the Chamberlain's ghouls went about their clean up operation.

End - Roll credits.

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