Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Unhallowed Metropolis - The Curious Cases of Dr Bartlebee

Episode 1: Case File TC37C ??? Fires from the Skies

????????????????????????The dirigible ???Zeus??? Claw??? descends through the smog and lightning the crackles about it. Thrumming Magneto engines propel the ship down and spot lights illuminate the hull of the lumbering airship as it begins to slow in order to dock with the extended arm from the gothic spire of the Airship port that towers above??London.

????????????????????????The hull of the airship opens and steps are lowered to the deck. In the howling wind passengers get out of the ship and onto the exposed deck. One of the passengers gets out, dressed in a long coat, glasses and brimmed hat.

????????????????????????Ship hand ??? ???Good afternoon sir. Welcome to??London.???

????????????????????????Man ??? ???Guten Arben. Thankyou.???

?????????????????????? Called upon by Bartlebee the group arrived at the Thornkirk and Drayton testing facilities to see a new weapon being put through it's last checks before being shipped out to the Airforce. The weapon, a behemoth of a device, almost like a large version of a Death Ray, rumbled into life, crackiling with energy and was used to destroy a target, a tank of Prussian design. The weapon fire, a beam of red hitting the target, and then nothing. Or at least so some would think. An expanding sphere of crackling energy consumed the tank and an area some 40 yards in diameter, before sucking back in on itself and vaporizing the area.
?????????????????????? Impressed, General Davenport, a veteran of many battles against the animates, his left arm now a hulking clawed prosthetic, asks the group to transport the weapon to the military base at the south of the city. The plan that the group come up with is to use a corpse truck as their cover, while Lottie goes to the East End and asks for help in the transport of?? precious goods. Of course Lottie gives the men that she meets the wrong date, as this is all a ruse to ensure that no one tries to sabortage the weapon.
?????????????????????? The next day, with the truck ready and the weapon mounted, the group ride out of the testing facilities in the early morning, and soon are making their way out of the West End and up onto the highrise carriage ways that sweep about the towers of London. With Dr Edward driving, Ophelia in the passenger seat, and Lottie and Sir Arthur up top keeping an eye out for people following they make good time but soon decide it may be best to make a last minute change of root.
?????????????????????? As they pass the north of central London the carriage way come up to the trainlines. A growing thrumming comes from behind the truck as a train starts to come up, but as it does it slows and the single freight carriage opens up and men with rifles start to take aim at the group. Shots are fired and Arthur starts to shoot, as the group are soon also attacked by a number of men on horses. Lottie, flicking a switch, lets a machine gun flip into place on the top of the carriage and starts to fire of a continuous burst at the train, peppering the vehicle with holes as men fall to their deaths from the open doors, tumbling to the ground far below.
???????????????????? With the train no longer a problem Dr Edward directs the carriage off the highway and throught the centre of London, heading to London Bridge, one of two that are able to take the size of their carriage.

To be continued

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