Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Thoughts from Kane

For the Character of Kane, he's embracing more of his animal/beast. He's saving up experience points (nearly there) to take the next level in Protean.??

Kane can feel the wind blowing through his feathers. Can feel slight changes in the thermals keeping him afloat, soaring high in the bright daylight. Far down below the city streets lie, full of blood, walking around unknowing what???s hunting them from above. His talons itch to tear into the waiting flesh, his beak to be dipping into the blood. The blood lust is overwhelming, the beast within has now taken over, screaming. This must be what it feels to be a god.??

The possession must have had a greater impact than he first thought. As the dream fade away he can still feel the blood lust and the animal, the wind and the feathers.??

Soon he will soar at night, soon.??

Kane looks around the Temple and the devastation left over from the previous night???s ritual;??

???How can we destroy these things there must be a way??? he mused.??

He flexes his??wings, no they???re arms.??
The beast stirs inside.??
Trying to break free.??

He needs something, a purpose. Something to ground him before the beast fully takes over. Something is missing.??

???Chuck, that???s it, I must go talk to Chuck when all this is done. I need to join a Clan of some sort. A direction that???s what I need!???

A banging at the door breaks Kane away from his thoughts.

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