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Vampire -Dimitri

Character Profile: Dimitri

Name: Dimitri Zsarkovska
Appearance: 5'10", skinny, with jet black chin length hair. Blue eyes, pale skin. Dresses in Kodona style - loose white shirts, ties, blazers, jewellery.??


Dimitri was born in Sacramento, California, to an American father (an accountant) and Russian mother (a housewife). He was an only child, and was raised Roman Catholic, attending the private Loretto High School sponsored by the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Dimitri was always at odds with this forced faith and abandoned it upon graduating high school, much to the chagrin of his parents. However he was popular and fit in well with his fellow students during his time there.

Throughout his education Dimitri held an interest in photography and the arts. This also displeased his father, who would have preferred his son to follow in his footsteps as an accountant. Thinking that Dimitri would crumble under pressure and do as he said, his father was surprised when Dimitri took his college savings and fled to the United Kingdom. Thus he was effectively disowned at least by his father, if not his mother, who misses him.

Dimitri enrolled at Manchester Metropolitan University to undertake a BA in Photography. He managed to excel at his course despite dabbling quite extensively with drugs and enjoying excesses of alcohol. He had few real friends but many acquaintances with whom he would spend his time. Dimitri has had casual relationships with lots of girls whilst at university, but only one girlfriend. She consistently called him 'Dimi' ('Dee-Mee') and so he broke up with her after three weeks.??

After completing his studies successfully, Dimitri looked forward to a fruitful career in photography. Unfortunately his dreams were unfounded and he realised the field was much more competitive than he'd thought. His ideals of artistic photography were shattered as he attempted to get commissions with magazines based on his portfolio. He was rejected by many, being told that his work was not striking or innovative enough. Exasperated, Dimitri lowered his standards and got a job as a nude photographer for a popular lad's mag. The work was easy for Dimitri, but it paid his rent.??

After a chance encounter with a famous celebrity at a local club, Dimitri managed to capture a photo of her in a compromising position. Knowing that this sort of thing was gold dust, Dimitri submitted the photo to a weekly gossip magazine - and was paid handsomely for his lucky strike. This led into his career as a paparazzo.

Dimitri's photography blog, an arty collection of his works which no one ever commented on, was given an overhaul. Dimitri turned it into a gossip blog to display his own exclusive snaps of the glitterati. He kept his real name secret, signing off posts as 'D, xx'. The money he made off his blog and from sending selected photos to magazines was more than enough, and he began to live quite comfortably.??

A club kid at heart, Dimitri would often be seen hanging around swish bars even when he wasn't looking for gossip fodder. On one of these nights, at age 22, he encountered Spokesman Rain, who enticed him back to his apartment with the lure of wanting to see his portfolio. Dimitri barely remembers what happened during the embrace, since he was very drunk and had snorted a large amount of coke that evening. When he next awoke, he could only recall being unbearably thirsty. A hooker, half passed out and already bleeding from the neck, was inexplicably lying next to him, though he learned later that she had been provided by Rain. Dimitri fed on the hooker, gaining little satisfaction from the kill - he has likened the cold feeling in his stomach to the same one after a regrettable one-night stand.??

Dimitri's haven is a large apartment in the Northern Quarter, where his main activities include maintaining his gossip blog under his secret identity, and inviting victims (both girls and guys) back from clubs for 'entertainment'. He often has a bevy of drink and drugs on tap. He will often only invite what he sees as 'tolerable' guests - i.e., if he runs into an insufferable scene kid at Rockworld, he will likely feed then and there rather than waste good cocaine on them at his apartment.
He has a small herd of girls who return often and bring along their friends. They are not aware of Dimitri's 'condition' and are usually too wasted to notice anything untoward about his actions. Dimitri is very discreet with his feeding when it comes to these girls. This does mean that he must often indulge in more human pleasures to further remain inconspicuous, however he doesn't find this too much of a burden.
Sometimes he will reveal to his guests his famed blogging persona, but he dislikes it when they tell friends of their exploits with 'D' so he is rather cautious about who he tries to impress.

Despite these conveniences, Dimitri will kill on average once a week, usually in a secluded alleyway or dark corner of a club.

If Dimitri ever runs into one of his old university friends, who recognise him, he simply denies that he is 'Dimitri Zsarky' (as they nicknamed him) and that they are mistaken - this confuses them a great deal, but they usually leave him alone afterwards. Dimitri has ghouled a young man named Karl to act as the mortal Dimitri during daytime.??

Dimitri's relationship with Spokesman Rain was short-lived. Although Rain treated Dimitri with a certain degree of respect, Dimitri quickly tired of his attitude and went off to enjoy his new life.


OK, so I tried to find a decent 'real-person' picture for Dimitri but I utterly failed because I have a very clear idea of him in mind. So you'll have to make do with photos of Dimitri, my darling BJD. To clarify:
Dimitri the Vampire character is based on a doll I own, who in in turn is based on a character for my novel I created years ago. Savvy?

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