Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Unhallowed Metropolis - The Curious Cases of Dr Bartlebee

Prologue: Case File LW24B ??? Lady in White, City in Grey - part 2

?????? Having discovered that the hair sample has traces of agaptic serums, algae and tanning agents, Dr Edward, Sir Arthur, Ophelia and Lottie decide tohead to the East End and chase up the issue of who hired the gang.Taking a cab to the East End, Edward and Lottie head to the Wriggling Finger, hoping that they might find someone who spotted the man who hired the gang. However, after shelling out a few shillings Lottie simply found out that the man in the wide brimmed hat and with the rattler and talisman was in fact some one slumming it, someone with apparently fine boots. Meanwhile Sir Arthur and Ophelia headed down to the dock side, looking out for the leather working shops. After some time they started to head back to the Wriggling Finger, however, as Ophelia spotted, they were being followed. Taking a turing down a dark alleyway Arthur and Ophelia set a simple trap, eliminating their would be muggers with deft decaptating sword swipes and well placed shots between the eyes.
?????? Arriving at the inn and finding Edward and Lottie outside waiting they head back to the West End where Ophelia maintains her flat in a Mourner guild house. Once inside the head Matron of the house, making note of the time, suggests that Ophelia should let her guests stay in the lounge. Meanwhile Ophelia brings down a collection of books and she and Edward begin to start looking for the meaning of the talisman. It is also brought to their attention that Dr Bartlebee has sent them a letter, a quick message that he needs them to head into the East End to find Julia Eallen. Julia was a close friend of Josephine, and came to Barltebee to say that she had spotted Josephine heading to the East End, along the river side. Bartlebee urges that the party find Julia and then find Josephine. With Edward and Lottie pouring over the books Arthur and Lottie headed back into the East End, needing to act fast before it got any darker.
?????? In the East End, walking along the dock side, Lottie and Arthur once more check out the leather working shops, and after some time of walking about the docks they find Julia calling out for Josephine. Julia is not alone and has hired a guide.Sir Arthur approaches and is startled that Julia is not shocked by the idea that Josephine is still alive. Instead he quickly sends Julia back to Bartlebee's house. With Julia now out of the way Lottie and Arthur return to searching for Josephine. Speaking to some dock hands they soon found that one, who was now the subject of ridicule, has seen a woman in a night gown near to the crates just outside the Stalzen Leather Goods warehouse. But as soon as they started in the direction of he factory a whining began, an intermitant siren. All around the dock hands dropped what they were doing. There were screams and cries of terror. There was a possible outbreak in that part of the East End and there would be soon be Death Watch soldiers on the streets. Both Lottie and Arthur ran to the main street in order to find horses to ride out on. Spying in a linen warehouse a horse and cart. Arthur pulled out his pistol and shot at the lock but it didn't open the main doors of the warehouse. Taking the iniative Lottie simply cracked open the high windows of the warehouse and clambered in, followed by Arthur. With both of their weight on a crowbar they wrenched off the lock on the front doors. They swung open and to their horror, just across the street were the first of a wave of freshly turned zombies. Arthur legged it to the carriage and whipped the horse forward while Lottie took shots at the reanimated dead workers, nailing one in the forehead and destroying it's brain. However, in his haste, Arthur almost ran Lottie over, but she was much to quick and tumbled out of the way before leaping onto the back of the carriage, and as they made their desperate run to the gates of the sector Lottie let off another volley of shots from her pistol. The carriage sped along towards the walls of the sector, the Death Watch with their guns levelled, but fortunately they were let through at the last moment, the soldiers checking them for outward signs of the Plague. It seems Sir Arthurs position had once more given them the edge they needed.
?????? Returning to the Mourner's guild house, Lottie and Arthur described to Edward and Ophelia. In return Ophelia and Edward explain that they have discovered what the talisman is. The all seeing eye and the scalpels means that the man was working for a rumoured group, a cult known as the Lux ex Morte. Seeing that the streets of the East End would be empty, the group think that the time would be right to go back to the docks and finally end this mystery.
?????? Comissioning a small boat the group makes their way to the docks of the East End and make their way to the Stalzen warehouse.

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