Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Vampire:??the Requiem??

City of??Darkness:??Manchester

The Endless Waltz

Episode 1: Blood Ties

The troupe made their way to the Sugar Lounge club, up on Deansgate Locks. On the way they called Partirck Falken and explained what had happened so far. Patrick was not impressed and demanded they find the hard drives. Arriving at the club Dimitri and Kane headed in, these two being the best dressed for the venue. Dimitri simply stated his name and who he works for and both himself and Kane were let into the bar, an dark, leather and acrylic decorated place filled with guest with far to much monet to spend. Heading upstairs they found the DJ, Benjamin Caren, but also found their Beasts stirring. Another vampire was present. Looking about they spotted someone who waved them over, a woman dressed in a blue dress with platinum hair. She introduced herself as Lauren Esten and asked quietly if they were here on business or pleasure, but somehow knew that Kane was hiding their motive. She also stated that she was a member of the Carthians. Speaking with Benjamin Caren Dimitri posed as an intervierwer before Kane confronted him with the device that was attached to the camera in Rizor Systems. Caren, keen to not get drawn into this tells them that he did make such a device and that he sold it recently to a guy who owns an internet cafe in town. The man works as a fence for stolen eletronics and data.

Leaving the bar Kane and Dimitri are followed by four well built men, and so Chuck and Stella hang back and then follow after them. Knowing that they are being followed Kane and Dimitri lead the men into a dark carpark where the trap is sprung. As an argument breaks out between Kane and one of the gangsters, it seems these men represent a gang that wants to muscle in on the upcoming auction, Chuck lifts up and hurls one of the men, the man landing in a crumpled mess on top of one of the others. Chuck then easily lays into the other while Dimitri intimidates the other, Stella emitting an aura of dread which saps the gangsters resolve. As they question the man about who he works for and then knock him out, Chuck takes one of the other unconcious men and feeds. And feeds. And feeds. Killing the man in a savage manner. Dimitri walks over to where Chuck had gone to feed and finds the corpse and Chuck crouched over te man, blood dripping from Chucks mouth. Chuck cleans up and dumps the body in a dumpster nearby, hoping that no one will find it.

As it gets closer to midnight the troupe rush over to the internet cafe at PIccadilly Gardens in the centre of the city. They find the cafe closed but there are lights on both downstairs and up. They head around to the back and find the the back door is open. Heading in, Kane, followed by Stella, with Dimitri and Chuck going upstairs. Dimitri could see someone upstairs through the window and so Chuck tried to break down the fire door but failed and so instead they smashed the window. Stella headed up the stairs and her Beast growled and she was confronted by a man with teeth like a shark and a hairless head that looked as if it was red from being scolded. The man snarled and launched towards Chuck who had got inside through the window, grabbing him and launching both men out the window onto the ground below. Scarmbling about Chuck grabbed the vampire and held him, only to have the Nosferatu look at him with wild eyes. Chuck convulsed, blood seeping from eyes and mouth and fled in terror. Dimitri tried to block any escape while Kane grabbed the vampire, bestial claws growing from Kanes hands. The claws slashed and gouged the vampire before Kane pinned the fiend to the ground. Certain he was not going to fight Kane and the other awaited for Chuck to return, Chuck having gathered himself together. Chuck decided it would be best to stake him, but the vampire protested and said he would tell them anything they needed to know. SO while Stella and Dimitri looked over the cafe some more Kane and Chuck took the vampire away to another back alley where they could interrogate him.

Stella found an answering machine message from a Laurence Panis who had called 4 hours ago to arrange a meeting half an hour ago. Dimitri meanwhile found in the trash a printed email about the auction, that it will take place the following night at Club Quicksilver at 2 am.

Meanwhile the interrogation revealed that the vampire, a Nosferatu called Jacob Lewis, was looking for the hard drive, having arrived late at the offices of Rizor Systems. He followed his leads to the fence but the drives had been sold on and now he was trying to find out who too. He also revealed he works for the Invictus, Vicountess Natalia Kerkoft. Kane and Chuck are satisfied and decide to stake Jacob so they can take him back to Patrick. Jacob of course gets worried, and breaks free but Kane just attacks and slices Jacob to pieces, sending the vampire to Final Death. Kane, caked in blood realises the power he now wields unlike when he was human. He Beast savours the moment. Dimitri and Stella arrive to find the scene and are shocked by what happened. They dump the decaying remains of Jacob, knowing that they have already broken the laws of the city. Dimitri grabs the phone that Jacob had and checks the numbers and texts. There is a Robert Woking, Annabel Barbican, Natalia Kerkoft's ghoul, some others. But these few seem to be used the most and most recently. From the last message Robert Wokin had texted to tell Jacob that Laurence had set up the meeting.

The rest of the evening was then spent by the troupe feeding at various clubs.

The next evening they called Patrick to tell them their plan before heading to the club at 9 pm. Dimitri and Chuck posed as photographers for a local paper and got in easily. Stella kept to the crowds but was generally not having a good night as the music in the club was DnB and trance. Kane took the other option of going in from the top. THe club was located outside the city centre in some unused land, the building being a old cotton mill. Kane sliced open the fence before climbing to the top of the building, his claws cutting into the brick. Once at the top of the building Kane broke in and headed downwards to find where the items were being stored.

Meanwhile in the club Dimitri, Stella and Chuck were overcome with a feelign of unease. There were more vampires present and worse, they were more powerful. Dimitri started to scan the crowd with his camera and found the culprits, a brunette in a fur edged jacket and a well dressed man who also had a camera. The woman held a phone and the one in Chucks bag, taken from Jacob, began to ring. Chuck got out of the way and went to turn the phone off while Dimitri watched the group who had now spotted Stella and started to confront her. The woman, Annabel, slapped Stella round the face before she, Robert and their three ghouls took Stella to a quiet area of the club. Chuck return and watched, and seeing that things were getting out of hand, and that Stella was caught in some trance, picked up a bottle and launched it at Annabel's head. Annabel was staring down Stella, her ability to dominate Stella's mind apparent. But the bottle smashed on Annabel's head and broke her concentration. Annabel frenzied and Robert and the ghouls had to hold her down. Stella then began to create an aura of dread, her Beast stirring up the crowd. The club went nuts and tried to escape the club a
s Chuck tried to get Stella to safety. Meanwhile, with all hell breaking loose the guards on the floor with the items stored left to find out what was going on, giving Kane enough time to find the hard drives and get out.



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