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Vampire:??the Requiem

Manchester: the Endless Waltz

Episode 3: Puppet Show ??? Part 2

??Following Dimitri???s meeting with Zahred Zilber at the Ascension Club, Dimitri headed out into the night to find another a club to go hunting. Meanwhile, following Thessaly???s revelation, Kane headed out into the streets of??Salford??to hunt. Stalking the shadows Kane was able to single out a hoodie, following the mortal to an alleyway where the boy was going to take a piss. Kane simply grabbed him from behind and slaked his thirst before returning back to his churchyard haven and merging with the soil to sleep for the day.

??The next evening, the 9th??of November, a Saturday, Kane awoke and texted Dimitri. They needed to all meet. By 7pm all of the coterie had gathered in Kro Bar, just a few yards away from the museum. Verity had already met with the Chamberlain???s assistants and obtained the passes that would get them into the building site of the cinema. The security and building company had now been swapped over to a company run by one of the Prefect???s ghouls. It was agreed that the interior of the building would be investigated, searching for any possible entrances to the sewers or canals. However Dimitri had other plans and as they left the bar Dimitri left to attend to other matters.

??Arriving at the cinema Verity showed the pass to the bumbling old security guard and they entered the site via a side entrance. Inside they found the cinema abandoned, but not utterly dilapidated. There were signs of vermin, birds, and that homeless people had gotten in at some point. Looking about the cinema there was the lobby and three screens on the ground floor. On the upper floor there was a place which would have functioned as a bar, and another four bars and offices and store rooms.

Meanwhile Dimitri had gotten into contact with Zahred Zilber once more. This time he wanted a meeting at his flat.

Verity went into the basement of the cinema, looking about in the boiler rooms and Verity is able to find the wall which would be nearest to the canal, however it was impossible to be sure, even with her Auspex enhanced senses.

At Dimitri???s flat his ghoul, Karl, welcomes in Zahred Zilber and Annabel Barbican. Dimitri, fully aware of Annabel???s status and sire, the Invictus head, Lady Natalia Kerkoft, Dimitri explained to Annabel that he knew important information regarding the Final Death of her coterie and Covenant associate, the Nosferatu, Jacob Lewis. Annabel demanded to know whom had killed her friend. But Dimitri was not just going to hand over that bit of information. She of course needed to know how she could trust Dimitri. Dimitri reassured her that he was present for the event. Annabel, furious, raged at Dimitri, screaming that he should not have let the Traditions be violated. Zahred told Annabel to keep her nerve and calm down.

Dimitri, seeing he had the upper hand, would reveal who killed Jacob Lewis but only in exchange for something. Annabel, still enraged, was not thinking clearly enough to make a deal, especially on behalf of the Invictus and her sire. Annabel then realised that it was Dimitri and his coterie who were at Club Quicksilver when she had come across??Thessaly, and that it must have been one of the coterie that had thrown the bottle at her. She asked Dimitri what had happened to the hard drive and what was on it. Dimitri, smugly, said that the hard drive was with Falken. Annabel got up to leave, but turned on Dimitri.

???I will speak to my sire,??? she hissed, ???and you will have your deal. But mark my words Carthian this won???t be the end of it between you and me.??? She turned about and slammed the door as she left the apartment. Zahred shrugged his shoulders and made to leave the flat, ???I???ll see if I can calm her down. I???ll be in contact on her behalf I guess.???

Meanwhile back at the cinema there is a loud knocking on the firedoor and Kane, Verity and Thessaly go to find that awaiting for them is the Moorish, Constable Ihram, and with him the ruddy face and almost foppish, Prefect Simon Arken of the Carthians, and of the Daeva. Ihram introduced the Prefect, commenting that this was the coterie that was performing further sweeps of the building. The Prefect thanked the coterie for their efforts and then asked if they would show him the building so he could work out how much work needs to be done to prepare the venue for the caucus. He also wished to see which office would be of best use for him to use for private meetings during the caucus.

While in the bar area, the Prefect took the time to sit and chat with the coterie. He was appreciative of Kane???s desire to formally join the Carthians with Falken as his patron. He also acknowledge the work of the two Crone Acolytes and that they would be considered honorary members of the Carthians. It was at this point that Kane asked what would anybody have to gain from attacking the Carthians at this meeting. The Prefect explained that though the Chairman has Carthian interests at heart, his approach in recent years has become a little heavy handed. There are those that would like to see the Chairman become less of a tyrant and to simply perform the role of a Chairman, and not of a Prince. But there are those who wish to see the entire governmental model torn down. These Carthians are also a problem as what they desire would lead to a city where nothing would be done and the Masquerade would be in danger.
So attacking the Carthians could either give the Chairman reason to use his executive powers, something that the Prefect has been wanting to remove for years. This in turn would lead to outright rebellion by the more revolutionary Carthians. However, attacking the Carthians could also lead to mobilizing them as a whole, and unify them against a common cause. This would be the last thing the Invictus would want. So an attack, if it does occur, would need to target the right people.

Leaving the building the Prefect went to meet a man, whom he handed over a brown envelop to and in return received a folder. Verity was able to listen in on the conversation and heard the man, referred to as Mr Smith, had been watching someone for the Prefect and that he wanted the rest of the money before he got the remainder of the photos. The Prefect, satisfied said he would be in contact. But across the road, in amongst the throng of students and people who were on a night out on the town, Verity spotted a man photographing the meeting. Verity pursued the man, leading to a chase through the streets. She tackled him to the ground and as he wrestled her off she slammed a kick into his gut. She demanded to know who he worked for and why he was taking pictures. He said he worked for Robert Woking. Verity then let him goes, but took the memory card from the camera. Kane, taking the initiative, had gone to transform into his raven form and flew up high, spotted Verity and the man, and then once she had left, followed the photographer.

Elsewhere, Zahred Zilber passed on a message to Annabel Barbican from Dimitri, who said that they could come to an arrangement soon.

ST Note - Best Session to date!!!

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