Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Upcoming things

Ok on the gaming front from this blog we shall see some more gaming advice. I was going to move away from chronicle/story structure, and look more at characters. In particular what I think about player character design, playing a character, playing the non-player characters, designing non-player characters and stuff like that.


Also I will be putting out notes on the upcoming chronicle, Changeling: the Lost - Broken Masks, Shattered Dreams. This is a chronicle for CtL set in Venice and I will be looking at the city itself and the interesting facets of the real world location, the supernatural elements of the city, and how I have taken these things and used them in the context of the game. I will also be presenting some example NPCs for the setting as, like Vampire, this game requires a certain level of preparation to get characters ready.


Right well that is all for now. Expect on here and the Etheric Labs livejournal the next Vampire actual play post.??

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